vr – virtual reality

Within VR, 3dVision offers both advanced services such as a digital twin (simulators), housing configurators and simpler applications that work for a simpler headset.

3dVision has already visualized several projects that give customers the opportunity to use VR (Virtual Reality) to experience their future living in a very realistic way. Our software also works in mobile devices and with Google Cardboard.

Visualize your project

Buildings are expensive, risky and extremely complex. Drawings are difficult to read, and architectural illustrations do not resemble how we experience architecture in the real world. We help you build the building in VR before the physical construction work begins.

Sell your project

The construction site can be a muddy hole in the ground, but you can already start selling your vision to property owners, potential buyers and other project stakeholders. Make everyone excited about your new building by giving them an unforgettable VR experience that lets them get to know the building virtually.

Detect errors early

We love when our customers go through a VR experience that we have created for them and find big mistakes that they had never noticed even after reviewing drawings for hours. It happens all the time. There is no better way to get a holistic and thorough understanding of your new building than a virtual reality model.

Make important decisions

Compare alternative material choices in the VR environment and make it easier to make important design decisions in good time. We can also create animations and high-resolution images from the virtual environment that can be used for marketing.

Digital twin – simulators

With VR, we can build a digital twin of your product. It enables training, education and marketing at, for example, trade fairs in a completely new way. Here we use the same software used in the gaming industry as well as the market’s most advanced VR equipment, which enables extremely realistic graphics and feel.


Product configurator

Once you have built the product the way you want it, you can step into the VR world to get a real picture of it. The customer can move around the product and continue to change it in VR mode.


Apartment configurator

HTC Vive offers a VR experience beyond the ordinary. A high-quality image and sound platform that moves the visitor and pushes the boundaries of the possible.



With a 360-view, the customer can get a realistic picture of both product visualizations in their natural environment, as well as apartment views, planned housing projects etc. Our smart solution can be reused both on the web, in VR headsets or on your Facebook page.