Metaverse Event Platform

Welcome to our Metaverse Event Platform – the ultimate platform for immersive events and experiences in the virtual world. Our platform is well suited for creators, event planners, and enthusiasts who want to host or attend events in the metaverse. We provide a seamless experience that blurs the line between the real world and the virtual one.

3dvision Metaverse Event Platform includes

  • Omboarding for new users
  • Branded Virtual Environments
  • Use gallery and exhibition space
  • Multiplayer with user avatars
  • Interactivity with other users
  • 3D model demonstration
  • Presentation mode
  • Video player
  • VR & Web
  • Make an impression on your customers and partners
  • Take your business meetings and presentations in VR
  • Conduct events and team building activities

Omboarding – for new users

Metaverse event platform is well suited for both experienced vr users and first time users. A short onboarding course teaches new users how to interact and move around in the VR environment.


branded virtual environments

We offer a range of branded virtual environments that you can use for your event, from galleries to exhibition spaces. You can use these environments to showcase your products or host events. The possibility also exists to create your own environment.


Interact with other users

Our platform allows for multiplayer experiences, so you can connect with other users and interact with them in real-time. 


Access VR and web platforms

Our platform is accessible via both VR and web, so you can join events from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device.