From drawings to launch campaign with product renderings, animations and installation animations

Product launch – Intellivent® SKY – a breath of Fresh air. 3D visualizations of the highest quality provide fantastic opportunities to communicate a message and shorten the time from drawing to full-scale launch. From the CAD data, we produced product visualizations, installation animation and promotional video for INTELLIVENT® SKY. The project also included graphic manners (mystery), imagery for printed matter, banners, roll-ups and marketing materials. Promotional video, installation video, product launch campaign site, icons and animations for mobile app used to control features in the product. As a graphic support partner for Fresh, we have been able to work closely together, quickly and with short decision paths. A successful, fast and efficient solution that has given a very successful result and high customer satisfaction.

Thank you for a wonderful collaboration! It has been fantastic fun working with you. You have always delivered above expectations and have always been professional. Sky is the limit!

Henrik Feltendahl

Marketing Coordinator, Volution Group Nordic