Dynapac real time Interactive showroom

Dynapac is a global company with a varied product range depending on the market. In connection with Corona, salesmen found it difficult to have traditional customer meetings. 3dVision optimized their CAD models and created market-adapted road works where salespeople can now meet customers and view products and features in a scalable cloud solution. We call this the Realtime Interactive Showroom of the future.

Customer case – Dynapac Real Time Interactive Showroom and simulator

Future-proof sales tool

Within VR, 3dVision offers both advanced services such as a digital twin (simulators), housing configurators and simpler applications that work for a simpler headset.

3dVision has already visualized several projects that give customers the opportunity to use VR (Virtual Reality) to experience their future living in a very realistic way. Our software also works in mobile devices and with Google Cardboard.

Customer case – Dynapac Real Time Interactive Showroom and simulator


Cost effective

VR training allows realistic training and repeated practice of different scenarios, many of which can never be practiced in real life. These situations would be extremely difficult to arrange for each participant to train.

Thanks to VR, it is possible to train all the different scenarios without risks, hired extras and expensive props. Thanks to the low cost and fast installation of the VR training, the training can be carried out in only a fraction of what a real scenario would cost, time and time again.

01. CAD export and optimization

Dynapac currently uses two different CAD programs within the Group. But with the help of 3dVision’s flow for exporting CAD data and automation when importing for optimization and texturing, it was solved cost-effectively with minimal hand-laying.

02. Roads around the world

Roads have different layers and regulations in the world. By building road works in 3D based on photos, we created digital twins of real road works in different places in the world so that customers feel at home.

03. Cloud solution - accessibility

Through the latest technology, we packed it in a cloud solution that makes it possible to access the application no matter where you are. Picture and sound are streamed down and you can take part in the showroom no matter how strong your device is.

04. simulate and configure

Sit in the driver’s seat or configure the products according to your wishes, everything is possible in our world. Experience the workplace with daylight or why not test the strong night lighting to see how it is at road works at night.

Customer case Dynapac Realtime Interactive Showroom

ROI – Return of investment

The best customer meeting is the one that happens, and now the chances for that increases. In the Realtime showroom, customers can learn the products features, handling and configure the products according to their wishes. Thanks to a high degree of automation when handling CAD data, the manual adjustment of the models is minimal.
Customer case Dynapac

The technology
behind it

To create this type of application, we use software such as 3ds Max, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity. It can vary depending on the nature of the project, the focus is always on delivering the highest possible quality.

vr training and simulators – More examples

VR Education

Public safety personnel

In collaboration with the Police Training at LNU, we have in a pilot project developed a realistic scenario in VR that takes place in Växjö’s new town hall. Training in VR makes it possible to practice complicated high-risk scenarios indefinitely in an environment that can be difficult to practice in for real.
VR education

Medical education in vr

Together with leading educational institutes, development environments are being developed for realistic scenarios in a virtual care environment. It allows unlimited practice sessions of complicated scenarios in collaboration with the patient. No extras are needed and scenarios can be changed, developed and varied as needed.