AR is the future and 3dVision is far ahead. AR or augmented reality can be said to mean a reinforcement of reality. With the help of 3d models, animations, sound and interactivity, you can create visualizations and simulations that were previously impossible to show.

Realistic visual effects such as water, smoke, fire, clouds, animated objects and people, arrows and light effects that show flows and energies. AR provides fantastic opportunities for sophisticated technical simulations and imaginative presentations. We have already launched several smart solutions where reality is mixed with 3D through mobile phones and tablets.


X-ray vision

With a mix of smart object recognition and Cadfiles, we can explain how the technology works on the inside. The camera recognizes an object automatically and with the help of it we can insert and animate the Cad parts in the right place. Perfect for service, installation and product presentations.


AR – Visualization

Visualize and illustrate products, environments, functions and systems.
AR provides the opportunity to bring to life, describe and tell what you need.


AR – Estate visualization

AR is the optimal technology for displaying a project, area or neighborhood. The technology is easy to use and the visitor quickly gets a good overview. AR works directly in visitors’ phones or iPads.


AR – Virtual dressingroom

The latest AR technology makes it possible to try on clothes and test color options – quickly and easily. The technology makes it possible to display collections that are not in store. The shopping of the future is already here.


AR – Augmented Reality Labs

A selection of our AR projects can be found at Augmented Reality LABS